Beauty Finds: Facial Oil

c 15

If you’ve picked up a recent beauty magazine, clicked on a beauty editorial, or subscribe to sephora’s endless emails- chances are you’ve seen some recent hype about skin cleansing and moisturizing oils.

Oil on oil on oil. That’s the illusion right?

But then as I read through the articles, and did some dirt digging to see what the “professionals” are saying I was quickly lured in.

A beauty concept that idealizes our ancestors and evokes a warm and fuzzy grandmotherly feeling? I’m pretty into that.

Oils have been around for a long time, and have always had a purpose: cleansing, hydrating, fragrance, purification, and even preservation.

And recently- preserving my skin and perfecting a youthful and bouncy glow has been part of that holy grail I’ve started being drawn to.

So, I was pretty pleased to receive a vial of oily serum in my monthly birchbox.

This particular one was Paula’s C15, with active vitamin C to energize and strengthen skin and even reduce the appearance of fine lines and scarring. Honestly, they had me at “vitamin’ because I’m sorta over the Flinstone method.

I’ve never been in product love like this!

My skin hasn’t ever felt this hydrated but still has a lovely matte finish. Oily t-zone defeat! They recommend using it two times a day, but I currently only use it at night after following through with my nightly routine: make-up remover, face cleanser, clarasonic mia, (every other night facial exfoliation) INSERT C15 application, followed by moisturizer.  I started using the oil alone, with the directions of only patting it onto my face, rather than smoothing or rubbing it in. The fragrance was a little pungent and I’m a sucker for time saving so after a few days I started mixing the oil with a little less of my normal amount of moisturizer. The effect was pleasing, and absorbs fairly fast for being “oil”.

Give it a try!


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messy times. 
a joyful life. 

You Are Yahweh, I'm Just A Man

This year was the most mentally and emotionally draining of years I have experienced. I laughed more, cried more, vacationed more, and loved more.

And at the close of this year, I have lost more of myself than I have gained.

I miss those parts. And it seems that most of my time is spent looking back and wondering. And missing. And whining.

In Genesis, God warns Lot and his family; "Do not look back or stop, lest you be swept away" while fleeing Sodom. And then Lot's wife looks back and instantly turns into a huge stone. And that's a pretty accurate description of what my displeased thoughts concerning this past year have figuratively done to me.

Jesus said to his disciples, "Remember Lot's wife. Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it."

I'm thinking I should be done with preserving 2012.

My favorite translation of Yahweh is 'He causes to be'.

Those four words hardly skim the surface of all that He entails. Of the power that He possesses. The praises He evokes.

I don't need to look back at last year, because He Causes To Be.

He Causes To Be. And that is enough.