do you have one of those?

a friend, i mean. you know, that helps save you?

i am lucky enough to have a sweet selection of those jokers. i guess God knew i was going to be a handful (and i mean, a totally legit handful people), and provided a small abudance of them.

[and i feel a lot like this.
 i get it Abram, i totally get it]
as the days pass- i wonder what i have to look forward to with the continuing rise of that pesky sun.

because you know, life just seems daunting at times.

and i feel like i'm constantly fighting the same battles, over and over (and over).  

and that these battles define who i am as a person.

and i start to feel a little bit sorry for myself.
which makes me start to get a little bits depressed.
which makes me want to punch myself in the face.
which makes me feel a little bit sorry for myself.

this is when i approch those life-savers. who give me a firm slap on the back (and sometimes face. not cool.) and it becomes obvious that God is spoon feeding them the exact words that i need to hear (and maybe sometimes He's the one that controls that slapping hand, because seriously--  I sure wouldn't blame Him)

and then His plan continues to be gloriously revealed for the 23,423,342,352,352,350 millionth time.

and I can rest in the truths that my friends helped to reveal

(and they probably begin to plot how to get rid of me)

because we all know- there will be a 23,423,342,352,352,351 millionth time.

and i will be even more thankful for them.

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  1. Oh I get this. I just wrote about something like this yesterday! Thank God for many friends.