fine art fair

my friend emily and i went to the first ever Houston Fine Art Fair this past weekend. 
but on our way there, we saw that discovery green (H-towns own version of Central Park, take that NYC) was hosting a flea market, (!!) so we explored. 

as we were leaving the market we spotted the What's Up Cupcake-mobile. 
(which we couldn't resist)

emily is confused because it began raining. rain is confusing to Texans right now.

we found some protection from the rain, to eat our cupcakery.
 and to take pictures.

and then we made it to the fair.
where photography was limited, but i broke some rules to snap a few shots.
(so sue me)
particularly of the piece made solely out of dollar bills, and georgey w. in his swim trunks. 

em & i were both very inspired by the wall of keyboard scraps.

the fair was spectacular.
over 100 + booths from all over the world packed into the convention center
and completely set up like a museum.

 like my swag bag? 
make art happen. 


  1. cupcakes, art, rain and two of my beautiful best friends? A+ :)

  2. Wow. Great day! I am totally jealous about the flea market find. I must know when that happens again.

  3. okay, this is like my perfect day!! looks like you two ladies had a blast!! :)

  4. i love your pictures, whoever took them is a great photographer. check out my blog!

  5. excelente blogg realmente te felicito, me gusto mucho es muy fresco