sunday sonetto vol. ii

There are places in my heart;
unsearchable, hidden, and few.
Things always kept apart
from what I've shared with you.

Places of fear, filled with unrest,
realities of imperfection.
Times when I didn't pass the test-
All needing my protection.

Evidence of flaws,
frightened to reveal.
Because it might would cause
a loss of my appeal.

If I share this lifetime of weakness -
Would it add to my uniqueness?

fine art fair

my friend emily and i went to the first ever Houston Fine Art Fair this past weekend. 
but on our way there, we saw that discovery green (H-towns own version of Central Park, take that NYC) was hosting a flea market, (!!) so we explored. 

as we were leaving the market we spotted the What's Up Cupcake-mobile. 
(which we couldn't resist)

emily is confused because it began raining. rain is confusing to Texans right now.

we found some protection from the rain, to eat our cupcakery.
 and to take pictures.

and then we made it to the fair.
where photography was limited, but i broke some rules to snap a few shots.
(so sue me)
particularly of the piece made solely out of dollar bills, and georgey w. in his swim trunks. 

em & i were both very inspired by the wall of keyboard scraps.

the fair was spectacular.
over 100 + booths from all over the world packed into the convention center
and completely set up like a museum.

 like my swag bag? 
make art happen. 

sunday sonetto vol. i

This doorstep seems my biggest fear,
knowing soon you won't be near.
Gentle smiles, pacing stand
and that goodbye that lingers grand.

With sifting feet and cautious tone
and the inevitable made known
'Goodnight, farewell, see you soon'?
Something's here, something's abloom.

It's not your truck or house or land
but simply the hope of holding your hand
that urges, sparks, ignites my soul-
and makes you my sincerest goal.


do you have one of those?

a friend, i mean. you know, that helps save you?

i am lucky enough to have a sweet selection of those jokers. i guess God knew i was going to be a handful (and i mean, a totally legit handful people), and provided a small abudance of them.

[and i feel a lot like this.
 i get it Abram, i totally get it]
as the days pass- i wonder what i have to look forward to with the continuing rise of that pesky sun.

because you know, life just seems daunting at times.

and i feel like i'm constantly fighting the same battles, over and over (and over).  

and that these battles define who i am as a person.

and i start to feel a little bit sorry for myself.
which makes me start to get a little bits depressed.
which makes me want to punch myself in the face.
which makes me feel a little bit sorry for myself.

this is when i approch those life-savers. who give me a firm slap on the back (and sometimes face. not cool.) and it becomes obvious that God is spoon feeding them the exact words that i need to hear (and maybe sometimes He's the one that controls that slapping hand, because seriously--  I sure wouldn't blame Him)

and then His plan continues to be gloriously revealed for the 23,423,342,352,352,350 millionth time.

and I can rest in the truths that my friends helped to reveal

(and they probably begin to plot how to get rid of me)

because we all know- there will be a 23,423,342,352,352,351 millionth time.

and i will be even more thankful for them.