[charleston] the holy city

welcome to charleston, sc

fantastic site, with nearby unobstructed views of fort sumter
(did you know the fort is in the water, built on a sand bar?)
(i didn't) 
(does that make me dumb?)

this is a 1250 foot pier that extends into the harbour. 
the best part is that underneath those awnings are dozens of swings. 
of old, rickety wooden swings. 

this was somehow snapped when the tots weren't galavanting in the fount
check out those oaks in the background
they line the entire park (and well... city) 

 charleston isn't 'the holy city' for nothing. 
there are tons of historic churches with cemeteries gated smack in the middle of the city. 


  1. very beautiful!! Great memories of an awesome vacation planned by none other than YOU!!

  2. Loving your blog! Gorgeous photos and layout!