How do you know when God is speaking to you?

I ask because it typically takes me a while to hear it.

Mostly because I'm not listening.

And so in turn, He has to work to get my attention.

Isn't that terrible? Making God do MORE work? As if all the other things He's done simply out of love haven't been enough.

And these times that He shakes me into a fit of realization; they are hard.

They always have been.

And I- in turn, have to become more like Him and spend time with Him in order to hear Him, to walk with Him, to fellowship with Him.

It wastes a lot of time.

And it can be embarrassing.

That He has to wave his arms around, send me a small taste of His sheer strength in my life and then practically do the robot dance for me to give Him some of myself.

Because can you imagine- what life would be like if I were always listening? If I were always walking with Him?

This is how Blaine likes to chill sometimes and I don't blame him, it's surprisingly comfy. But this should never be a depiction of my faith.

Even when I hide myself from you in the creases of the softest quilt you don't give up on me. 
Your persistent pursuit of me endures past every hardship. 
I know that if I'd only devote more of myself to you wholly, there would be no hardships. 
But simply blinders guiding me to see the blessings of eternal grace. 
Help me against my battles of selfishness and pride so I can get there.

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