It's so easy to say and display how much you love Jesus when life is looking great. He's been so good to you. You check in with Him before mealtimes, thank him for the day and the food, and carry on with your life.

It's way harder to be thankful when you're broken, and suffering.

[suhf-er-ing, suhf-ring]
verb (used with object)
to undergo, be subjected to, or endure pain, distress, injury, loss, or anything unpleasant

Broken and suffering people are the ones who have the most powerful impact on those around them. Those are the people that in their suffering become bright lights for Him.

That is why the Bible is so adamant about being grateful for suffering, because that is when we do the most good for our cause, that is when we glorify Him the most, and when we encourage others to truly see Him. "Look at what he is doing in us! He is our sustainer. We have no hope without Him".

So you see, it is true. That when you are weak, then you are strong. You are probably the strongest you've ever been.


  1. You are so insightful, ladyfriend. He is always using you!
    And ps, got your sweet postcard, be expecting one in return when I commandeer some stamps!