Heart-shattered lives ready for love 
      don't for a moment escape God's notice.
                      Psalm 51:17
God took human form when Jesus Christ was birthed into this world. That means He experienced everything that we do firsthand.

And, He watched as His own innocent son died the cruelest of deaths.

We don’t worship a distant Father.

We worship a God who understands.

God knows pain.

He’s felt it.

And he especially knows your pain. 

This & This are great (and short!) reads if you are hurting. 


  1. Thanks for the word.

    I liked the first article better than the second. The second just made me kinda frustrated. Maybe this is my sin but I get a little mad at an over-abundance of church language when it comes to suffering and the realities of sorrow. There's not a Christianese band-aid big enough to cover our brokenness and I know it's God who heals, but when I read these articles on how that works itself out I feel no closer, often further, to God healing than I did before I read it.

    Sorry, I didn't intend this to take such a negative turn! :) Just venting my own spiritual frustrations, I apologize. But again, thanks for the word.

  2. I think porterprose that you totally misunderstood this post. I read it as God knows our pain because HE himself has experienced pain and He can and will sustain us through any pain we have. Sometimes He carries us and sometimes HE walks with us. But He never leaves us. I think the writer wrote TRUTH... God knows pain and God knows your pain.

  3. oh porterprose, if articles about the realities of suffering and the ultimate healing He provides upset you, then you must be lucky to not be feeling completely broken over something.

    The second article was included because I liked her use of Biblical text. That's something that I've been convicted about recently, I don't read it enough. Reading those words should never make you feel more distant; I would venture to say that something else is causing that...