faith of a chair

did you know that every time we sit down in a chair, we express the utmost faith in that chair?

we firmly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that the chair will hold us.

we don't go to it and shake it. or turn it upside down and examine it with a screwdriver and a flashlight.

we just plop right down into it like we are doing that chair some kind of favor.

i have more faith in a chair than i do in my Savior. a chair proves itself to me ONE time, early on in my life, and i firmly trust that chairs, all chairs, will always support me.

i want to feel that way about Christ. i don't want to come face-to-face with a dilemma and have to examine my problem, or worry that i might need to fix something about it. i just want to approach it knowing that He has already proved Himself to be so good, time and time again.

He is much, much stronger and more faithful than a chair.


  1. Yeah. Problem is I can SEE the chair. And my faith isn't unconditional, as I recall the great chair collapse of '09 at the Logues' house (it seemed like slow-motion at the time).

    Maybe we should reclaim "sit on it" from Happy Days and transform it from a weird 50s-ish catchphrase to a stirring anthem of faith...