i spent most of today whining and complaining
[internally of course because i live alone and that would be strange]

"nothing is the way i want it to be"

do you ever say that? to make myself feel better I've decided you all answered with a
unanimous "YES!"

yet, as i was hauling groceries up the rigorous three flights of stairs, I had time to think... and let me tell you A LOT OF TIME. but I'm not complaining.

today was a perfect day.

i slept in.
watched a movie
ate chicken nuggets and macaroni
took a shower
got some groceries
climbed up the stairs... (i made it all the way up didn't i?)
and am now settling cozy with a new celeb magazine
not to mention the crossword awaiting my annihilation
in a few swift page turns.

To kelly,
please stop complaining. sometimes you're just such an idot. 
Love, kelly


  1. A good reminder to all of us. Miss you friend.

  2. love this, thanks for the reminder!