1 toffee creme coffee
2 times the entire shopping cart of golf balls was pushed over = 2 times my sanity was pushed over
2 dog shadoobies in the laundry room
4 hours and counting of Nickelodeon
5 loads of laundry finito (!)
56 times I bent over and put the balls back into the ball pit
1 time I said to the baby as she was hugging two of the ball pit balls,
"oh, give the balls sweet love!"

0 times that will ever happen again.

P.S. no milk throwdowns today. it's a record. but i'm too exhausted to celebrate


12 thousand bugs in my car
10 cars at starbucks drive-thru
27 milk throwdowns*
3 chapters read
34 million "can you say 'Miss Kelly???'" 's uttered
13 grounded** lima beans

*a time of irritation in which a toddler chunks their choice of item (typically a sippy-cupped beverage) to the ground

**grounded- another term used to describe something that has survived a throwdown

POST-EDIT- P.S. I would not be described as grounded, because I did not survive that throwdown. goodbye forever.