It's been a long time since we've talked about the ole' ball and chain.
Also known as ocd.
I don't like to capitalize the acronym because I think it gives too much power to something already pretty mighty.
I do think we should give power to things like COOKIES. or CAKE. or MAGAZINES.
Who's with me?

I've got this theory. That ocd is a mood chaser.
Whenever it senses that things are going good, it rubs its little hands together and grins that creepy little grin and you can see the wheel start a churnin' in his head.
I always imagine this little bratty blob romping around my third floor apartment and grabbing all the things of significance in my life and tossing them out the window. First the television, with images of traveling the globe. Then my scrapbooks filled with photos of all the wee babes and families that I love. And then the books. Oh those meticulously color organized books filling up the study from floor to ceiling. All the while I just lay there on the couch pleading with blobby to please just put it down! Not that one! It's so special to me. I NEED it! But alas, to no avail. He just tosses it like a cotton ball and leans down into the window until he hears that earsplitting crash, which he masks with his little evil laugh.

I'm sure there's a technical term for this devolution of happy times, some term therapists whip out like its just your ordinary average phrase. Not a term for that weird blobby rant I just went off on. Though, I'm sure there's an equally enlightening term for that. Like "crazy" or "frightening" or possibly even "medication".
I found out through twitter that Pete Wilson: blogger over at WithoutWax, Pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, and author of recently published "Plan B" would be speaking here in my own stomping grounds.

And I knew that it was pertinent that I go hear him. Mostly, to soak in all the glory goodness I knew he was going to spew out.
But also to see that hair in person.

And maybe to touch that hair and report back to you the stiffness to softness ratio. Or maybe that's just insane.

Anyway, it was phenomenal. He spoke these words:

"God is most powerfully present even when he seems apparently absent"
and that in these times we should place our faith in his identity, and not his activity.

So next time Mr. Blobby is going all ape in my apartment. I think I'm just going to stuff two pillows on both sides of my head, start screaming la-la-la-la with my eyes closed and know that its God's identity which will prevail, much longer than Mr. Blobby. He'll run out of steam far before God's identity.

*** and his hair feels.... well... I'll just leave that to your imagination.