ode to you

dear most unflattering dress in the universe,

our time together is over.

i've never been happier.

actually now you are in a messy ball on the floor of my closet and every time I walk in there I step all over you. And that makes me the happiest.

goodbye forever,

michael "zoey" phelps

Zoey spent the day with me on Wednesday and had a blast, especially with all my sisters golf medals.

she is so special to me.

i love you, woooey.

and ashley, you too!


everytime someone close to me gets married, i buy myself a huge present and pretend someone gave it to me at my shower.

Hello, new bedding!

things i'm a sucker for...

anything under a glass domed cake stand

people who look you in the eye when they smile

cosmetic superstores

people who let drivers get in front of them in traffic

someone who makes a mean cup of coffee

biblical references

little kids in adult sized clothing