hey there Rodrigo

you know who that is?

probably not.

but that's okay. because i'll tell you.

it's Van Morrison, voice of the ever popular "Brown-Eyed Girl".

this song tends to hold a tender place in many female chocolate coloured iris' hearts.

but for me not, so much.

maybe because i've got oceans for eyes, or maybe its just because i always thought brown eyes were everywhere. so what was special about them? dominant traits are hardly ever dreamed about.

but also, because i could never figure out why the first line was talking about some chap named Rodrigo.

I figured it out now.

And I think i might like the song now.

Now I need to go figure out why the your baby can read infomercial keeps coming on the television. and better yet, why i want to order it every time.

i don't even have a baby.

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  1. Thanks for the giggle! I have this song on my "Happy" playlist on my iPod. I coudln't for the life of me remember a Rodrigo. A quick look at the lyrics and I see the issue.
    As a kid I once thought the song "Elvira" was "Bear Fly Up." I guess some artists need to enunciate a little better.

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