catnapper restored!

Here's the real picture of the soul-warming catnapper.

I guess that's what I get for blogging on the job.

a new chair

a conversation i just had with the seven year old.

me: when you're talking with your dad on the phone be sure to talk slow and clearly.

him: "yersrh yei no yei no no"

which i think translates to "yes, i know i know." but i'm not sure.

one day i'll learn that telling him that is completely pointless.

also i just bought this recliner for my living room, and i've never been more excited. plus its called a 'catnapper' and that made me so happy i practically skipped out of the store.

hey there Rodrigo

you know who that is?

probably not.

but that's okay. because i'll tell you.

it's Van Morrison, voice of the ever popular "Brown-Eyed Girl".

this song tends to hold a tender place in many female chocolate coloured iris' hearts.

but for me not, so much.

maybe because i've got oceans for eyes, or maybe its just because i always thought brown eyes were everywhere. so what was special about them? dominant traits are hardly ever dreamed about.

but also, because i could never figure out why the first line was talking about some chap named Rodrigo.

I figured it out now.

And I think i might like the song now.

Now I need to go figure out why the your baby can read infomercial keeps coming on the television. and better yet, why i want to order it every time.

i don't even have a baby.

sunday movies[revealed]

I grabbed my cute friend Kelsey
and we booked it downtown for a Sunday night evening showing of "An Education"

*FYI no one goes to the movies on Sunday's, did you know that? I didn't know that.

When we approached the window to buy our tickets, we were interestingly informed that the theatre we were placed in did not have a working heater, and that the temperature of the room was a squelching 40 degrees.

I figured out why no one goes to the movies on Sunday's.