Because eventful things don't actually happen to me everyday, I frequently like to reminisce about my once thrilling life via blogging.

For example.

One time, I was pumping gas into my car.

And while I was just standing there, probably thinking about how many germs I was touching.

And wondering how long it takes to get high off of gas fumes,

A random man whistled at me.

The whistling wasn't the good part though.

The good part was that he was a totally normal looking man, and not a foreign yard-worker,

and that after he did it he threw his hand up over his mouth and looked mortified.

Then he looked back at me and said "I'm so sorry. I know that was terrible, but I couldn't help it, you look really nice".

And that my friends, was the greatest gas pump ever.

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  1. this is ridiculously awesome. even better than the chicken dance lady (which is pretty great).
    i love how you write. thanks for blogging.