dear nanny-child, 
saying you're sorry 
after you did something
that  you knew  was wrong,
sometimes just doesn't cut it.
instead of getting punished, you 
get praised for saying "i am sorry". 
this is not how the  real  world works, 
you do not get to say you are sorry after
you do  something wrong on purpose and then
benefit from it.  i am justifying this though
because you are getting a lesson in grace, love, 
& second chances & because your face is so sweet. 
----------------------------------------truly, NK


Because eventful things don't actually happen to me everyday, I frequently like to reminisce about my once thrilling life via blogging.

For example.

One time, I was pumping gas into my car.

And while I was just standing there, probably thinking about how many germs I was touching.

And wondering how long it takes to get high off of gas fumes,

A random man whistled at me.

The whistling wasn't the good part though.

The good part was that he was a totally normal looking man, and not a foreign yard-worker,

and that after he did it he threw his hand up over his mouth and looked mortified.

Then he looked back at me and said "I'm so sorry. I know that was terrible, but I couldn't help it, you look really nice".

And that my friends, was the greatest gas pump ever.


If you don't know who they are, you need to know. Go see and thank me later.

place: House of Blues
time: 9 pm
date: 09/09/09

blind dates [revealed]

One time I went on a blind date. And we met at a coffee shop.
I arrived first.
An older gentleman approached me and started frantically waving.
He said it was so nice to finally meet me.
Needless to say, he was not actually my date.