zoey 101[revealed]

Isn't it sickening how cute she looks even when she's eating? I could not say the same for myself. It's just not a pretty sight people.

Chillin' watching Noggin's Baby Channel. And yeah, maybe I watch this even when Zoey's taking a nap. Don't hate.

Apparently she likes to do this now? She BARELY fits in there, she literally
squeezed herself in there. How many more adverbs could I have used here?

Ok, so maybe stuffing an entire nilla wafer isn't quite as attractive as the earlier picture, but she has ice cream trucks on her shirt. You heard me.

The look of mischief. However, she was really completely oblivious to the water she spilled everywhere and chose to focus on figuring out how to stuff an entire votive candle in her mouth. She's got her priorities. And notice she's in her random new favorite place? Weird.

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  1. How funny! What a doll though. She sure is a cutie. And there is nothing wrong with watching the Noggin channel. I mean,isn't that Piglet up there? He's a classic. You'd be rejecting classic children's characters if you shut that off. How do you think that would make Piglet feel?!