sweet sisters[revealed]

Meet Abbey and Raelynn.

They are
sweet sisters.
At just a year apart, they're pretty much joined at the hip.

They talk for each other, giggle all the time, and make me feel so lucky to know them.

Their Mommy is my friend Dawn, who is my other friend,
Heather's selected surrogate (AKA Mommy Extraordinaire).

Occasionally, I get to spend time with these sisters. Time with them is some of my most treasured moments. They call me Miss Kelly, and that makes me giggle.

Looking down into the pond is one of their favorite things to do, they beg for these kind of excursions.
We love going on adventures together.

Not too long ago, Abbey, Raelynn and I packed up in the car, buckled in the car-seats, and booked it to the park.
In the
rain, while wearing leotards.

Totally normal.

While we were trooping around the park, in the rain, in their leotards, carrying loads of towels with us to wipe off the wet play equipment, I snapped some shots of these sweet sisters.
This is Abbey. She's older, and quieter. But she's just got something about her, some special kind of sophisticated beauty for being only 4 years old.

This is Raelynn. She's littler, but stronger. She speaks for both of them. She's got the power, but she'll share it with you. Maybe :)

They hardly fight, they want to be together.

Isn't it obvious?

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