spring break[revealed]

my spring break, in pictures.
because honestly, who likes reading long paragraphs circling around the theme of nothing anyway? :)

Look at those neck rolls.

sweet girl

a great nanny takes pictures even in the bad moments, because they're funny later.

redefines safety

i saw them. they dance like girls.

that one random day it was cold, we decided matching was unimportant

rain please go away, you're giving us Seasonal Affective Disorder

my Dad and I like the Rockets

this guy doesn't, so he got cake smashed on him.

just how many people does it take to clean up this mess? And why did it have to happen 3 seats away from me?

i saw my sweet girl there

there's those sweet sisters again

Abbey's 5th birthday!

i cannot get enough of her

somebody is trying not to smile.

i don't really know why she looks so helpless, but it makes me love her more.

sweet birthday girl

gimme some of that, now.

sticky hands

sweet blaine, you know, H-$'s cutie pie son.

Logan-berry, we got to spend time together while the parents went out.

and we got some snuggle time in too

Aubrey and Blaine and I thought this was funny. toilet paper stuck to the nutcracker. ha.

i couldn't help but snap a picture of Blaine in this weird hat, while sharing a seat with his Momma.

And, I ended the break with a shocking surprise. I already knew that I was going to see Taylor Swift at the Rodeo, but I had no idea that her disposition was anything like this:

it makes me want to hug her and tell her all my secrets. i lost track of how many times she looked into the crowd and mouthed "oh my god' and "wow". there were 73,000 people there though. you've gotta love the self-preserving, kind-hearted, realists. the ones who are superstars but still blown away that people know their music?- because honestly, those are my absolute favorite kinds.


I have a secret to tell.

You know how people have random quirks about them that they think make them unique but really just make them annoying? I have one of those.

It's called, the extra syllable.

As seen here:

I add this extra "UH" to every word. Most popularly "no-UH" and "stop-UH" although those are just two examples of the plethora.

I don't know when this started. And I don't know how. I just know that its here to stay.

And I just don't know how to

sweet sisters[revealed]

Meet Abbey and Raelynn.

They are
sweet sisters.
At just a year apart, they're pretty much joined at the hip.

They talk for each other, giggle all the time, and make me feel so lucky to know them.

Their Mommy is my friend Dawn, who is my other friend,
Heather's selected surrogate (AKA Mommy Extraordinaire).

Occasionally, I get to spend time with these sisters. Time with them is some of my most treasured moments. They call me Miss Kelly, and that makes me giggle.

Looking down into the pond is one of their favorite things to do, they beg for these kind of excursions.
We love going on adventures together.

Not too long ago, Abbey, Raelynn and I packed up in the car, buckled in the car-seats, and booked it to the park.
In the
rain, while wearing leotards.

Totally normal.

While we were trooping around the park, in the rain, in their leotards, carrying loads of towels with us to wipe off the wet play equipment, I snapped some shots of these sweet sisters.
This is Abbey. She's older, and quieter. But she's just got something about her, some special kind of sophisticated beauty for being only 4 years old.

This is Raelynn. She's littler, but stronger. She speaks for both of them. She's got the power, but she'll share it with you. Maybe :)

They hardly fight, they want to be together.

Isn't it obvious?

zoey 101[revealed]

Isn't it sickening how cute she looks even when she's eating? I could not say the same for myself. It's just not a pretty sight people.

Chillin' watching Noggin's Baby Channel. And yeah, maybe I watch this even when Zoey's taking a nap. Don't hate.

Apparently she likes to do this now? She BARELY fits in there, she literally
squeezed herself in there. How many more adverbs could I have used here?

Ok, so maybe stuffing an entire nilla wafer isn't quite as attractive as the earlier picture, but she has ice cream trucks on her shirt. You heard me.

The look of mischief. However, she was really completely oblivious to the water she spilled everywhere and chose to focus on figuring out how to stuff an entire votive candle in her mouth. She's got her priorities. And notice she's in her random new favorite place? Weird.