Monday Mantras

today was RTS*

i watched the boys, and zoey, and now brock today.

i've expended all the energy i could possibly possess in one day.

i barely have enough to press down on this keyboard, so feel really priviledged.

so, to celebrate this exciting* day, i'm totally starting a new tradition.

its called monday mantra, and basically i've just decided to open up my vault of serious knowledge collected from various children of all ages, and share it with you!

- even when there is 1 minute left of rolling credits, it IS necessary to pause the television show while you are FORCED to put on pajamas. (B. age 9).
and i've been snoozing during this prime television time?

-"if you start to date a boy, and then realize when you are marrying him that he isn't cute, just say "No I do not" at the end of the wedding and run really fast away" (L. age 6)
but what about my deposits, will I get them back?

-[if asked whether you have a boyfriend and you respond with no] "well you better get one fast. Just go out and find a cute one." (compilation of advice from K. age 9 and L. age 6)
Oh okay... that's what I was doing wrong.

-[in reference to what is learned in kindergarten] "i don't know" (M. age 5).
apparently things that are not absorbed well.

-"babababab dada WAHHHH" (Z. age 9 months)
just for good measure.

Also Brock just said to me while fastforwarding through television and not losing his locked glance with it:

"well, how was your day?" [ huge sigh]

priceless. i love it that he is as sweet as an 80 year old man.

* RTS: Rough Tough Stuff
* exciting... except for it's opposite day.


  1. hahahaha... I love little children. so presh. :)

  2. Hey, girl! Thanks for following! I look forward to reading more of your blog!