REVEALED: smooches

I hate it when people apologize for not blogging, because I feel like the blogee is acting like everyone could hardly go on with life while they weren't blogging. So i'm not even gonna try. Instead, I will thank you for going on with your normal sane lives, while I lost my mind. For the 342352352049834 time.

But, I mean... just look at this...

Can you blame me?

Its hard to find time or things to blog about when you're looking at small little people like that and being amazed at them when they learn to do things like this:

I know I know, I just want to die every time she kisses. Really. I'm so filled with joy that I want to keel over knowing my last moments were spent with that much happiness.

So those sorts of moments, combined with my 24/7 obsession with listening and or watching High School Musical 3 [thanks to Disney for including a 'digital copy' in the extended edition packaging, because with the touch of a screen I can watch the entire feature film on my iTouch. And folks, yes that's the real reason I've been MIA, to more things than just the blog world].
EDIT: my employers do not thank Disney.

My younger sister even got in my car tonight and asked [begged... actually pleaded] to not have to listen to the HSM 3 soundtrack.

But don't worry, while she and I were walking through the mall together I most definitely wasn't singing, or even heaven forbid humming High School Musical in order to not embarrass her in any way. If I wanted to do that, I would have just danced in public. And I definitely didn't do that. I'd NEVER full blown out dance AND sing while imitating Zac Efron in the middle of a bustling mall JUST to prove my eccentricity. And my sister totally IS NOT the kind of sister who would respond with walking away and saying "people really wonder why you don't have a boyfriend? Obviously, they just don't get it"


  1. My life really does have a hard time going on without you...

    Zoey is growing up without me! I haven't seen her in a week and she's walking :( I'm going to have to have a talk with that girl!

  2. I know that you would never do the above mentioned things-never. I wish I could have been there to not do those things with you.

  3. ugh... I totally apologized for not blogging on my blog. :/
    but it was not because I thought others' lives could not go on without me... I was just hoping that I wasn't losing any blogger love!!

    but I've missed you, that's for sure.

  4. I loved reading about your daily life with those adorable babies. I see you are a Houston "fan" too! don't you just hate the humidity though? Obviously not if you're at the park in the rain with the babies!

    What lucky people they are to have you watch over their children! Oh my! I would have loved someone like you when my kids were babies.

    I love how you blog with the photos, etc. What an exceptional young women you are!!! And don't forget it, ever!!!!!