Who is this Precious Punk?

Oh, just my favorite punk in the world.  

You see, how can you resist this little face? How can you not wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, barely getting a wink of shut eye, because you're so darn excited to get your hiney out of bed and get that baby in your arms? 

That's right, you're probably looking at your own snotty nose children wondering why they aren't always looking this marvelous. I mean, did you want to see this again?

I thought so. 

Don't fret though, because seriously... this is what it's mostly all about:

Being a terror/terrorizing everyone... 
and screaming...
taking your anger out on unidentified Baby Einstein products...
and oh the uncontrollable angst of the spit-up queen...
'did you just call me that? We'll just see what I greet you with Monday morning...'

It's just that this is what its worth:

Oh, and this... 
Go ahead... lick those lips. This baby is mouth wateringly KEY-UTE! And the little punk is mine all mine, for 5 delicious hours a day. What a frick frackin' blessing.


  1. She is so dang gorgeous in those rosey pictures!!

  2. She is so deceivingly cute. Thanks for putting the truth out there for everyone. I think it is hilarious! Gotta love that Z-bob.

  3. She's just the cutest ever. Love the pics. :)

  4. Did you take all those pictures? They are so cute!