I wanna a hippopotamus for Christmas...

This is my baby cousin Kenna. She really likes my Chauncey. 

Sometimes, too much. Like this one time when she drug him kicking and screaming by his neck.

Or this time, when she suffocated him with love. 
Kenna has a strong personality for a little 22 
month old. I should probably learn to just 
agree with her, but my pride must be in the
way or something. Like this one time when
Kenna and I got into an interesting debate 
about her strawberry juice box, which she 
insisted was apple flavored. Say it ain't so 
Kenna, say it ain't so! 
(special appearance by little sister)

PS. For all those who inquire, we did get Kenna her own Chauncey! She's named it Lelly, after me of course :) 

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