A Day in the Life.

i thought it would be fun to show you a VERY small little smidge of what my day is like.

AKA a dream come true.

the news of the day is:

I signed up for Private Pilates Class.

For many reasons:

1. I will never do anything athletic until I have someone seriously kicking my butt to do it.
2. Because it's been proven to be addictive, and that would actually be nice.
3. Because I'll feel like a famous movie star.

So, did I already have to go invest in the cutest yoga-esque clothing I could find?

But whenever I get ready you know, I'll have to look disheveled and messy like all the stars do. Like I just threw something together and then tied a scarf 'round my neck and threw some shades on. Apparently it takes a lot of work to look this inconsistent.

I'm working on my next post: let's just say it consists of a little lady you might be familiar with.


  1. LOVE this.
    I wish I could sign up for private pilates class with you. I have the DVDs at home, but do I use them? Nope.
    Also love that you got cute yoga clothes... duh. THat's that FIRST thing you must do before your class. :)
    when do they start?

  2. #1 - I love you.
    #2 - I love her.
    #3 - I love when you ask if "we can go wipe Z's nose".

    PS - Talk to me about said pilates. Really needing to know about it.

  3. I know! I'm loving every sale that I have found. AKA Targets random clothing for $3?

    As for pilates - Where are you taking it at? What is the difference between pilates and yoga? And also when do you start?! I want to hear about it. I'm excited for you! I'm not a big pilates person from what I've heard about it, but I love exercisin' and lookin' celeb.

  4. Adorable!

    Thanks for the comment and I agree we can help each other become better bloggers... but from what I am seeing here, you are the one who needs to be doing the helping, haha! Your blog is fun!!