Just a handful of days ago, my sweet friend Jacy and I 
From saying so long OCD, one day at a time
went to a conference hosted by Proverbs 31 ministries. And it was quite an experience. We really didn't know any of the people that were about to enter into our lives, EXCEPT for this precious chick right here:

Kate. SuperMom. 

Anyway, she was great. It was so cool to see her in real life. Isn't it weird how such seemingly ordinary people become rockstars in our minds? 

On the other hand though, can't you understand why this punk would become a rockstar in your mind? 
I'm sorry. I had to video it. And all those parts where the camera is shaking? 
That's me laughing.

I just can't take this song seriously anymore. 
And homeboy (Josh-Groban-wanna-be) was cracking me up with his seriousness.
However, Aeyisha Woods rocks the house, she was the other musical guest and is now my idol. 

And, another occurrence on the fun radar from this past week was my two friends birthday bash, 80's style. 
Mariela and Heather (who from now on 
will be affectionately called H-$)
both celebrated their respectively old birthdays this past weekend. 
And it was like, totally off the chain. 
As you can see, my mouth couldn't even contain all the excitement that this night provoked. 
I busted out the infamous Ashley-opened-mouth-party-pose
(as seen here:) 

Here's a shot of most of the group- 

As well as a photo of the 40 year old. 

And oh look! Here's a captured moment of me being completely ridiculous. Notice H-$'s extreme awe at the intense awesomeness of my current dance move. 
All in all it was a completely rock star weekend. And I was sad to see it end. But luckily... there's a little somethin' I like to call "complete annihilation of the Cardinals" happening this weekend. Score. Good thing H-$'s havin' a P-A-R-T-Y so everyone can witness my serious devotion to this game. 


  1. Yeah, that's what I was doing...basking in your complete awesomeness! Uh-huh.

    Cannot wait for the Super Bowl part-ay! Love ya, H-$

  2. I am so glad that my unconscious look is "infamous."