Que Paso

Here's something I'm having a hard time with. What does it mean to 'delight yourselves in the Lord'? 

Really, is it different for everyone? Because I feel like it must be. Now I normally figure this verse to mean in every way to thank Him, The Creator, for all he has strung together and given you. To rejoice in Him even during the struggles. And to do all you do in His name. 

Now, realistically, we've got to be joking if we think we can lead this kind of perfection life. Don't get me wrong, I totally think we should strive for it, and to be like Jesus, but we are human, and perfection is impossible. 

So the next part of the verse... 'and he will give you the desires of your heart...' that's the real stomach turner. 

Now first and foremost, we all know that he gives us those desires when they align with His plan, when we are intelligent enough to align our thoughts and hopes with His. That said....

Don't people get the desires of their hearts even when they aren't delighting in the Lord? That's what gets me. 

It's like I struggle with the fact that this verse is true. For some reason I've got to find a loophole in it.. but why? Why can't I just delight myself in the Lord... Because sometimes it's gosh darn hard. I want to, and it would be wonderful, but frequently I'm to selfish to think about doing something God's way in order to be rewarded with a future blessed by God Himself. 

But I desperately want that future. I want the desires of my heart, and I don't think God gives you a desire that he won't in some way fulfill. I want to give everything to Him, because He gave everything for me. 

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