Gloria, Glory in the Highest.

I really am such a limited creature. Yet treasured over all creation, isn't that strange? God is cool like that. 

My sister and I decided to do a sister thing and get our cartilage's pierced together. so we did, in celebration of life together. 

then, apparently it did something strange to me. 
it made me think i was cool. 

whenever i get into this i'm cool state, it's just scary. 

at dinner with my family i kept saying 'people are going to see this and think i'm like, a partier or something... isn't that cool?' 'i feel so cool'. 'look how cool i am' 'maybe i will get a boyfriend now'. 

but my favorite part is when the cool crashes and burns, and the revelation that i am SO NOT cool comes blaring back out. 

it always happens after I say I have now entered the stage where I am cool enough to have a boyfriend. Then I freak out that I am like 80 years old (hyperbole) and am alone, and that I should put kitty chow on the top of my Christmas list so I can go ahead and stock up on all the cat food that I'm going to need for the rest of my life, and how sad it will be that my sister can't come visit me because of her deathly allergy to cats. 

Anyways, today's uncool realization came when I started pointing out people at the mall and saying 'are you my husband?' Please imagine every single imaginable incorrect suitor. Those are the people I pointed to and asked my family about. It was a great game. I think I ended up with the phone salesman, or this guy with an afro. I can't remember. 

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