Christmas is All Around Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: I wanted everyone to know, that Paco and I have now already watched SpongeBob and are now watching that weird teenage robot show. I don't understand it. 

I woke Paco up by jumping on the bed. Is that allowed, when he is sleeping in his parents bed, I'm not sure. If it wasn't allowed, would I still do that? :) 

Then he literally RAN to the couch in the family room and hibernated under a huge blanket, to which i added more blankets on top to escape from the cold. Then he requested hot chocolate. So me, the beloved nanny that I am, made him some hot choco. 

But here is the best part, I thought today would be tough, but when I walked into Pancho and Paco's house........ 

That's right, Christmas greeted me! EVERYWHERE! the tree is up, wreaths and garland hanging from the stairs, nutcrackers, and HUGE WREATHS on the doors! How could this day not be good now? 

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