alert the media.

I'm pretty sure that I am getting ready to make my first B in my college career. Which wouldn't mean anything if this was like semester 1 of my college career, but alas it's semester 4 (ish) sort of 5. So only for the next few days can I continue to say that I have a 4.0. I think that this may be taken away from me because of pride issues? just a guess, considering i'm devoting a blog to the sudden downfall of my academic career. 

It could be because I now have several responsibilities to attend to other than just being a student (unlike my other college semesters). Now I juggle three kids, driving to and from, picking up and dropping off at school, homework help in a variety of subjects, doctor's appointments, therapy, and medication, all while taking distance courses which mean at the end of the day, I have to muster up energy on my own to do my work/study/read/care at all. 

However, I'm beginning to embrace the 'B'. Mostly because now, regardless of whether I make a 14 or a 100 on the final exam, I will get a B. To which, to my Mother's chagrin, I retorted, well at least I don't have to really care anymore. She urgently responded with 'Yes, It still matters!' And I said 'a B is a B, whether an 89 or an 80'

and isn't that the truth!? For all things life gives us. 

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