swing swing swing swing.

dear internets, 
i apologize in advance for the fact that this video is sideways. forgive me, i did not know what i was doing. this sort of thing is a pet peeve of mine, but the video is too cute to not post. thank you. 

Today, Zoey and N and I actually had a pretty productive day. After N's normal meltdown, I just pretty much ignored him. He kept saying Momma, and normally I answer politely something about that she isn't here right now, but this time; I tried the ignoring route. It wasn't too bad. Then I tried to involve him in the plans. Asking him to help me find Zoey's room. Asking him to help me find Zoey's shoes... etc. Then we left for our walk early. Normally I try to hold out for the walk until after about an hour or so, but this time we booked it early. I had plans to go to the neighborhood park. And we did. N had a great time with all the slides. And Zoey swung for the first time! She was precious. But the journey was longer than I bargained for, and I was COVERED in sweat the entire time. During our play time because of me pushing two kids in a stroller is hard hard work. Then pushing swings. Then pushing the stroller back home while trying to pacify children by singing songs. I'm sure I appeared crazy to anyone who came across us. I even got to chat with a Mom who was at the park with her kids. She was super sweet, so I am hoping that I will get to see that precious little family again at the park! 

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