it's just too good to be true.

So, the beginning stages of sickness is starting to hit me. lame. 

This weekend, was really enjoyable. I normally don't really like the weekends, because they are not scheduled, and I normally just do a bunch of homework, and feel bored. The weekends are the times that I miss my friends from school. 

This weekend I went to my alma mater's football game, and sat with family friends. I had a lot of fun watching the game, and being intense about it, because I am always intense about football, and seeing old friends. There was a little girl in front of us who came at about the 4th quarter, and my Mom kept talking to her, and playing with her. At first, I thought it was a little creepy. That my Mom was talking to this random girl and she was even sitting in my Mom's lap at one point. But then, on the way home, I thought about how fun my Mom seemed to that youngster. And how hopefully, one day, my kids will think that too. And that will really be a treasure. To have a youthful grandmother, who is really fun. Both my grandmothers were very subdued, so  I can't really imagine what it would be like to have my mother as a grandmother. 

On Saturday I got to babysit EmBro, my favorites. Em and I even saw Cynthia at the ballpark which was such a great surprise! She and her boys (including husband) were there, and we got to talk to them for a while. Em even had Cynthia read her essay for class and grade it, since Cyn was my 6th grade English teacher, we felt it only proper. And of course, she responded with the declaration that Em is a genius, because I taught her all I know. 

Last night, while babysitting, my throat started to really ache. I decided it was just from screaming at the football game, and then cheering little leaguer on that night, so I had some herbal tea, and hoped it would get better. By the time I got home at 2 AM, better was not in my vocabulary. I misted some lavender pillow spray, and went to bed. Then at church, I was feeling miserable. And thinking about the homework that I still had yet to do. As soon as church was over, I crawled into my bed, strapped on my sleeping mask, misted some more lavender, drew the curtains, and lit a eucalyptus candle. I've been taking medicine steadily, and my Mom brought some fruit home for me to eat. Being sick is such a drag. Losing your appetite is annoying, and this painful sinus headache is about to encourage me to throw something out the window. Tonight's agenda is: Take a lavender bath, by candle light. I read that if you encourage your brain to shut down earlier, by turning off the lights, that you sleep better and longer. So, after that, putting some E oil on all my mosquito bite scars, and slipping into bed with a relaxation CD. 

I'm a nanny, which is basically a Mom. And Mom's don't get sick! This should not be happening.  

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