27 ripe years!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Ashley!! 

Zoey and I had so much fun helping make Ashley's birthday the best ever. We woke up at 6:30 AM, and started decorating. In the dark. Not the brightest idea. (ha. literally) I woke up on purpose, but apparently Zoey could feel that I was up to lots of good so she decided to quietly wake up and join in on the fun. We got streamers up, and birthday hats, and party poppers, and a happy birthday banner up, all before Ashley woke up! Zoey even had time to take a morning nap. Then she woke at the perfect time for her Mommy to open her present, and for them to wear the party hats that I made them. Ash's said 'It's my Birthday" and Zoey's said "It's my Momma's Birthday!" [pictures to come soon]

After pumpkin spice pancakes, Zoey and I sent everyone off to work. Then Zoey and I played all day. Ashley and I had been talking about getting in Zoey's crib. That sounded weird. 

It all started when one of Ashley's friends talked about how when her daughter used to get fussy, that she would just climb into the crib with her so that she would go to sleep. She said it was really comfortable. So Ashley and I became interested in that. So today, Zoey was just crawling around in her crib, so I jumped in and we just played in the crib. I held her in the air and showed her how to stand up holding the side of the crib (sorry if that's going to become a problem Ashley...) and she was so cute! She saw her room and crib in a whole new light. 

Then we went and picked up a cookie cake at the mall to surprise Ashley with when she came home from work. Unfortunately we took our trip to the mall too early, so we browsed around. Baby Gap was the stupidest place for me to ever go. I found Zoey some cute cute things for her 6 month birthday later in the week, and of course I had to buy them. Honestly, there is no possible way to deny purchasing cute baby clothes after seeing them. Seriously, no way. 

So we surprised the Mommy with a cake, and then the parents went out for dinner, and Zoey and I had a girls night in. until she feel asleep in my arms at 8 pm. It was the perfect day, happy 27th Ashley!!

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  1. It was happy! Thank you for making my day so very special! I love you more than you will ever know.