Why Did I Ask THAT?


i did it again. 

that thing where i make a fool out of myself while trying to attract a guy. 

i'm seriously going to have to start writing a book about these horrible encounters. 

This time, it was with Apple Store Guy. Earlier in the month, Ashley and I took my computer to have a part replaced, and Apple Store Guy was really funny. He was the person that helped me with my computer, and we had some exceptionally witty banter. And he was cute. which these days is just a plus. 

So I go to meet a good friend of mine at the mall for lunch and conversation, and after she leaves, I decide to high tail it to the store one last time, just to peek and see if he's there. And he was. So I rush out of the store, and desperately call Ashley seeking some wise council. Basically, I just needed her to tell me 'now or never!' and she did, so I went back in there. This time the greeter said 'Hi, welcome to the Apple Store.... oh wait, weren't you already in here?' to which I replied 'yeah, just back to look at something [er.. someone]'. So I look around the store waiting for some kind of perfect sign that I should talk to him again. Talking to people I don't know very well has never been a strong point. I know its not common for girls to initiate interest in boys, but at least some girls can actually talk to them. 

As I walk around, I realize... there isn't really much to look at in the store. Computer... but I already have one. And they'd then approach me to buy one, and I'd either have to lie, or tell them that I already had one. Then the iPhone, which again, they would pester me about. And I already have an iPod, so this was dangerous territory. I ended up placing myself at the time machines, you know.. the extra storage and memory devices. WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS SPOT, i don't know. there were only like 4 things to look at, and making a decision really isn't that hard when it comes to memory space. But, it was all about location. This spot was right next to the back door that Apple Guy kept going through to get parts and stuff. So, I positioned myself there until he came back out where I was going to randomly strike up a conversation. I was here for a long time. So long, that the Apple employees began to tell me I had been there for a long time. I got really good at saying 'well, I don't want to rush making a decision'. (about talking, not about the stupid memory thing). 

Finally, 30 minutes later. I end up sitting on a stool RIGHT next to the back door, staring at it. Waiting for him to return. And he finally does, as soon as I see him I whip out "you are the hardest person to try to talk to!?' (highlight my already stalker-ish qualities) And then he looks at me and laughs. So we small chatted for a second, he remembered me and made some jokes about how Zoey had been with me and Ashley, I told him about my computer. Asked him about work. We talked for a few minutes, and then I said 'So, do you have a girlfriend?' To which he replied "No."


"But I do have a fiance."


  1. I am not going to lie. I cracked a smile at this one. I'm really excited for the next guy. (PS-This is me telling you that you are not allowed to give up)!

    Love you :]

  2. I agree-you aren't allowed to give up! I am so proud of you for taking these steps. I love you, dear friend!