why am i crazy?

so, i write a post about how sucky the boys are in my age frame. and of course, that is true. that goes without saying. 

so what do i decide to do? make a fool out of myself, that's what. now i totally understand why men don't do movie-esque things whenever they see girls that they like. for example, talk to them upon first meeting, ask them out randomly. first of all, because they're cowards, but second of all, because rejection is the ickiest thing ever! 

I can tell this story now because I've told all the important people already. That's the only bad part that comes along with having a blog. I have all these 'great' stories to tell, but I wait to post them until I've told them in real life to people. I always end up forgetting someone and then I go to tell them the story and they are all 'yeah, I read it on your blog already'. well.. crap! 

So Kayla and I go to church Sunday night. There's a boy on stage playing the guitar, that for some reason is really getting my attention. Has anyone met me? I'm like, really anti-boy most of the time. I kept feeling like he was looking at me, but I was honestly competing that idea with the fact that I was trying to just flatter myself into believing it. So at the end of service, I get this huge knot in my stomach telling me that I have to do something. I'm sitting there, basically chanting... 'why God? Why!! This will be so embarrassing. Must I?' and He responded with yes, and not only could I not fight him, but I decided that landing in the middle of a whale (or giant fish)'s belly is really not on my current to-do list. So I waltz on stage (as if I own the place or something?) stick my hand out, and say "I know this is really weird, but name is Kelly, what is yours". Then we had a typical 2 minute conversation and I left the stage. Trickery I tell you, because the only real reason to figure his name out, as I'm sure he knows NOW seeing as how I then basically demanded his last name, is that we are now friends on facebook.

Now here's the dilemma. How are you to know if a random guy has a girlfriend already? And now you feel like a stalker, or annoyance, or just plain stupid. These people don't wear any identifying paraphernalia to direct girls such as myself away from them. But they should. 

So that's what happens when I jump out of my 'age group' and do something that I've NEVER done before. And obviously, will never do again. It's just, decent guys are hard to find. And when I say hard, I really mean impossible. Next time, I'll just order some irony with a side of humiliation. 


  1. :)

    Don't give up. You never know who could be in your future!! I'm glad you stepped out and chatted with someone random, and I want you to do it again!

    Love you.

  2. "Next time, I'll just order some irony with a side of humiliation"

    No need. Just remember that self-deprecation is the appetizer to charm. That's a good step to go on up and just meet the guy, it's actually quite admirable. That's what it's supposed to be. You're doing good and I hope Guitar Hero is smart enough to respond in kind. And if he's got a boo already, you can just teach him a Rilo Kiley song of a certain name...