pashmina is sorta like pashira.

i love fall weather. i just want to snuggle up in it, and that is currently being made possible via my pashmina from Paris that John brought me back as a sussy. And a good sussy, indeed! 

yesterday I was blessed with getting the opportunity to help my dear friends mother help clean up and pack her house to get ready for her soon to come move. I had so much fun just chatting with her about just the ordinary, and cleaning with her. She is so insightful. You know those kind of people that you can be around, and they can just read your actions and facial expressions like a book? she's one of those, and I love her for it. 

work is in full swing again, and i am so relieved. i am thankful for the break most of all because I got to hang out with the precious Bell family. They really motivate me and bring me to life when I'm around them. Those three little boys may be a handful, but a precious little handful. 

i did that thing again where i talk to a random stranger. ok, here's the deal people. don't encourage me in this category. apparently there's gotta be some kind of facebook group or something of the sort devoted to seeing how much crazy things you people can get me to say to strangers. STOP IT! This time, I was positive that a boy at church looked familiar to me. So what do my friends do, oh you know, just ENCOURAGE me to go talk to him. 

the only problem is that, 'hey, you look familiar' is like the oldest trick in the book... except for this time i really meant it! not that i've used the line before. or ever even had the chance to? So i went up to him and asked him, only to be embarrassed by his answer of that it was nearly impossible that we were to ever meet seeing as he grew up in a state far far away, and then went to school in another state far far away. He did kindly mention a camp he once attended, which made me laugh and spout out that we were going too far now, next thing you know we'd be listing the McDonald's we've eaten at on the road during family vacations. Anyways, he turned out to be a nice guy, so hopefully I will see him again. And we can be church buddies. Who knows, we may even sit in the same pew next week. But don't hold your breath. Unless someone ENCOURAGES me to go over there. Don't do it. 

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  1. Sussy = ?

    I encourage you to do whatever you please. I usually go up to such folks and say "Excuse me, I'm sorry, but you look like a complete and total stranger to me whom I've never met" But you're thing sounds good too, well played.

    Dallas Preachman's examination of the masculine character and the spirit of those in marriage's waiting room makes sense entirely.