Oops... I did it again.

This attempt at talking to random boy... seemed to go a little smoother. So, we (my sister and mother and I) are at Randall's waiting in the checkout line. The woman in front of us, abandons her post... leaves her groceries on the checkout thing to go on a mad search for hushpuppies. While she's gone, the checker proceeds to begin scanning her items. Well this woman was, how do I put it nicely.... stupid? And left them all in one big fat huge pile, stupid for her, GREAT for me. So as they began falling off the conveyer belt, one by one, I waltzed (anyone notice I do a lot of 'waltzing' when it comes to boys?) up and picked the item off the floor and put it back on the belt, and smiled at Randall's checker outer boy, name tag reading: Alex. This process takes place multiple times, and he always cordially thanks me, the last time I attempt to pick up the item he chuckles and says 'This will drive you crazy!" And I smiled back to him and said something like 'happy to help'. 

So then, my Mom leans over to me and says, "I don't have my Randall's card and last time our phone number didn't work! What are we going to   do?" So I whipped out my superwoman cape and saved the day by whispering, "I know Leslie's phone number, she comes here all the time, and I've used it before." AHA! My moment to speak to 'Alex' and look him in the eye at the same time! WOO! So we finally get to go up there after the woman in front of us tells us some horribly boring story about how her husband is possessed with hushpuppies. I'm fairly positive that she meant, obsessed, but we were all too frightened to suggest that. So she finally leaves, and we go up there. And my Mom is being all weird and saying "Uh... Kelly... tell him our phone number?" Which makes it obvious to him that I'm the one that wants to tell the phone number. Well true, but really its because my Mom doesn't know Leslie's phone number. So this was awkward situation 1. Then he looks at me and says "So, what are you up to this weekend." And my Mom punches me in the gut while I choke on my own saliva. And I spit out some sort of sentence implying nothing. Then Mom says that the rest of the family is going to the Football Game tonight, and he starts getting really excited saying things like me too, blah blah. And then my Mom is like, "We can never get Kelly to come to the games... She should still support her Alma Mater", and he says, "I still do, even though I'm in college" (excellent throw there Alex.) SO THIS TIME... instead of asking about his relational status, I decide to just stalk him through A.) technology and B.) the game attendees. 

My sister got involved for the search of Alex and we eventually stumbled over him through the computer. End ups Alex loves Jesus, watches great TV, has excellent priorities, and has a strong and steady girlfriend. Embarrassment for today saved? barely. 

My sister is just over here crossing her fingers that Alex calls Leslie's phone number and asks to speak to me. 

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  1. Good Lord, your boy is tucked in the mix pretty nicely. Keep it up, my friend...I'm sure He has some great plan up His heavenly sleeve.

    And I'm serious...you are not allowed to give up :]

    I love you!