I just fell up the stairs. And yes, it's embarrassing even in your own house.

My friends and I are studying James right now, and I'm not knowing how to take it all in. 

Mostly because, I am OH SO FAMILIAR with this passage, the first chapter that is. About trials and tribulations, and perseverance. 

As I was reading the part that we agreed to read, I was just being entirely negative. Why was it not registering in my brain that I am reading God's word? Why does it seem like I am the only one who acts like everything happening is the worst thing in the world. Ok, so some guy has a girlfriend already... move on! Why does everything have to be a huge pity party and I have to have some gigantic dramatic desperation exit scene from every aspect of my life. Really, I'm like that. Get to know me. 

So when James writes that we will face trials and tribulations, I'm already complaining! 

-but why God?
-when do they stop?
- how do I know when I've peaked with perseverance if I'm always being tried!!?? 

So I did a little research on the first chapter. Sarah posted a really great link about more information on the book of James. And there was a section of question pages to pass out to students. I looked at that and then laughed. There was no way that if I was ever handed that paper that I would EVER even consider doing it. It was like a history assignment. So I clicked over to the answer page... and it was actually really interesting. 

But the part that caught my attention was their allusion to what Paul says in 1 Corinthians: 

Peter points out that perseverence is part of a process; that it is one step we must go through to demonstrate that our faith is genuine.

So, I am DEMONSTRATING that my faith is genuine. Which obviously, I'm not currently doing. It's opened up a whole new door for me now. It's not like I'm supposed to be all 'Gee whiz God, thanks for giving me this horrible trial today that I could conquer with a smile and a sweater set. Golly Gee, You're the greatest. I have so much perseverance now [insert dimple-finger pointing thing]". 

NO! I'm just supposed to breathe, take on the problems, and know that getting through them and trusting in Jesus is showing that my Faith is REAL, that is exists, that it is genuine. And that sounds like a pretty sufficient trade off for the average trial. 

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  1. I like this a lot. I love the book of James. I think I'll start reading it too. Sounds like a good book for me right about now.