goal: be selfish.

(first of all, I'm not going to mention anything about 'that hurricane' because if I hear one more thing about it, I'm gonna puke). 

I had a really great time in Dallas, it is such a cool city. My Aunt lives in the heart of downtown area and I loved it. Walking when its not so humid and icky is really refreshing. I just like the casual comfort the town gives. This was really my first trip to Dallas. We've gone there for events, and driven through but never really gone there... just to go there. And it was great. 

The youth minister at my church emailed me today about a position as the director of youth registration. Now as we all know, just a few posts earlier I cried about how I wanted to serve in the youth group as a teacher, and he wouldn't 'allow' it. So what was my Christian, kind, loving response? To leave and go to a different department and ignore the youth entirely. I know, its really mature and really proving that I want to work with the youth? not. 
So as soon as he sent me that email, I felt inclined to say 'YES!' because the thought of having a place to belong sounds nice. But, after I sent it, I thought that I really didn't really ask God what he thought about it.

Sometimes, I get so lost in the idea that opportunities themselves are signs from God. But that isn't always the case. Really, rarely I suppose. So, I've gotta see what God says... but sometimes I just don't know if I'm listening to hear him. 

BTW: I didn't hit on any random boys in Dallas. It was a good week. 

Check out my friend Mark's new blog, it's a great idea. Support him. :) 

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