i survived. and then sang hallelujah at Kroger.

so. i made it through my 11 hour workday. 

i love the boys dearly, already, after one day. 

James and Samuel are great! We rented a movie (pardon me, a blu-ray movie, the boys would definitely want people to know that) and watched it in their media room. yes... that's right media room. it was so much fun! lounging in the padded recliners and sipping my half price sonic drink while safely cradling itself in the snug cupholder. also, they have the perfect fleece blankets in there. and they keep the media room cold, so snuggling up with the blankets made life seem so comfortable. 

they had to pay me back for lunch and the movie today so sam (paco) went upstairs to get the money to pay me. keep in mind this is a 5th grader we're talking about. he counts out the money, all in one dollar bills, outloud to me and then realizes that he's missing a dollar. he jumps back in the room a few moments later stating that he dropped a bill on the floor. i told him because of his counting skills and his form in laying the bills down, he most likely had a future in banking. he laughed and said they don't hire bankers who drop dollars on the stairs. then i asked him what he did want to be, and he said 'i don't know kenny, that's a long way off' and then galloped away. it was so precious. 

then they started their daily 4 oclock xbox time. seriously, its like therapy to them. they schedule it daily to 'chill out'. direct phrasing here. so they sat in the media room and blasted away screaming and jumping with delight while staring at the 90 inch screen. 

they really were quite entertaining and fun, and just what i needed. i am so thankful for this job. 

tomorrow i get to be with zoey and love on her all day long! i cannot imagine a more spectacular week. 

God, your grace is more than i could ever imagine. i do not know why i continually resist to lay the entire complexity of my life in your hands. 

and i really did sing hallelujah while standing in kroger. and then this man came up to me and said that it was really good and even requested me to sing it again. i blushed, and just looked at my mom who was hysterically laughing and then i said 'i didn't really realize i was singing it'. and my mom suddenly bursts out with 'are you kidding me? you were busting it out'. i guess i'm just filled with the spirit. :)