day 1 survival

so, i'm at my new job currently. it's pretty cool. the boys are both pretty awesome. i got here at 8, they were still sleeping so i grabbed the house key and drove thru starbucks to get me a little morning pick me up. then came back to the sleeping babies. then at 10 i woke them up with a rain stick. i needed something loud but casual, you know... since they don't really know me, and i'm sure hardly even remember that i was coming today. the youngest even insisted that my name was Kenny. so i guess that has become my nickname. ha.

i finally took the plunge and bought an iTouch. and let me tell you, nothing has been harder than pushing away the desires to hold the iTouch to my ear while i am drivng and pretend its an iPhone. it's just... everyone always gets so disappointed whenever they say 'oh! is that an iPhone?' and i have to respond with 'its just a measley iTouch'. luckily, the measley iTouch is occupying Paco well right now.

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