your love's like ultraviolet, i can feel it burn but i like it.

i'm getting old, and i've never been more excited. 


yesterday afternoon, i told my sister that if she and her friend wanted to go to the mall, i would take them. i remember being unable to drive, but wanting to go places, so i try to be there for my sister, since i didn't have an older sister. so around 3, she and her friend and myself packed up in the car in search of some of the latest fashions, at the lowest prices. 

after gaining a migraine from their constant high pitched voices, i told them they were going to have to settle down, seriously. then on the way home, they requested for the radio to be tuned to something they can 'jam to'. so i adjusted it and they started chanting/singing some ridiculous rap-esque song, and after about thirty seconds, i just couldn't stand it. i changed the radio to the oldies station and found myself in a Utopia i had been searching for all day. i turned the volume down by multiple decibels and just smiled. then i saw my reflection in the glass and i realized, i'm getting old. i'm closer to stability and normality and i've never been happier to welcome the wrinkles. just a few at least. 

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