if we stay or walk away, there's one thing that's true; i still love you

pink eye freakin' hurts like the Dickens. I don't know what the Dickens are and i've never used that statement before in my life, but that's how much it hurts/itches. so much that i had to be forced to describe it with a simile that i don't even understand. this is intense people. 

ever since it was declared that i have OCD, i haven't read a book. i've opened a few. bought tons. read internet summaries about millions. alphabetized them. basically stared at them for an obsessive amount of time without ever reading one. 

but today, i totally did it. i read a book. (not in one sitting) i think it actually took me well over a month to finish it. something pretty much unheard of for my taste. it was seriously like pulling teeth at times. i was uninterested in literature. in words. in reading. 

it's been six months since i read a book. six months. this was a long time coming. 

i just noticed that a part of my computer is breaking off. and it's freaking me out. i really hope that AppleCare will take care of this, because i don't want my lappy to die at such a young age. tragedy. 

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