how deep do you wanna go? because i'll go there if i can.

i actually realistically have talked to laura, my therapist about the aforementioned subject of boys.

unfortunately the advice she gives, isn't really advice at all. seeing as she really is a cognitive behavioral therapist and not a relational counselor. as well as the little advice that she has given, can be summarized in 'just tell them how you feel' and we all know how great that turns out.

so, thank you for your concern, and although i made a joke about laura's inability to be able to understand the male species, she really can't help me. plus, even though i make it sound like a huge dilemma right now, i actually have other fish to fry during my 5o minute session with her.

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  1. I wasn't saying that in a mean "maybe she'll talk" it was a joking "maybe she'll talk" because I remembered how you had said earlier this week that she was not particularly talkative.

    I wasn't attacking you in any way shape or form!

    Wanted to make sure you knew that, love.