the fight for you is all i've ever known.

a few blurbs about love and things that are like it. 

once upon a time i told a boy that he was unapproachable. meaning i could never approach him to talk to him, because i never got the chance. also meaning that he rarely took the time to get to know people or spend time with them judging by the fact that that seemed to be his theory with me. 

so i get a text today saying 'you aren't giving me any opportunities to be approachable'. 

i'm sorry? it's now MY job to give boys opportunities to be approachable? how about grow a pair, and be a man, and fight for what you want. 

so this of course, spurred another deep and intense conversation with a  friend of mine of the male species about love and this and that and the other. he told me that girls always think that they have the male mind figured out but they never really do. and i said 'oh brother, yes i do have them figured out.' and the following is my motto on most boys: 

they don't care. unless they really do. 

and it's that simple. there are loopholes and tragedies and triumphs and ups and downs that can be included in that theory, but it's real. and it's true. and i know it all too well. 

my friend then suggested that i ask my therapist about my love life and its constant state of dilemma and non-existentness. and i said "i just don't think you understand. my therapist is a cognitive behavioral therapist. That means she studies brains and thinking. Which means she knows nothing about boys." 


  1. You should still ask Laura what she thinks...maybe it'll crack open a new window of opportunity...

    aka maybe she'll talk...