can't somebody just tickle me?

first of all, i'm addicted to jon and kate plus 8, and i know that TLC knows this. hence why they show a million episodes at bedtime. 

in my future's horizon.... i've got two jobs. watching precious Zoey while her awesome Mommy subs, and then also working 2 days a week for a family nannying. i'm really excited. i get to meet my nanny family tomorrow night. i'm really thankful for this opportunity. i've been praying for God to bring me the perfect opportunity and I was really skeptical about the offers that i had been given. none seemed to be the perfect fit, and i really wanted something more part time, because i want to have enough time to bless as many families as possible. i want every second of my time spent at home to serve a purpose. when i first got the call for the nannying position, i was certain i was absolutely declining it. but then i thought about how the offer arose. 

at church on sunday, the teacher did not arrive. so the class voted me to teach, and instead of teaching (surprise) i hosted a sort of meet and greet for the class. eventually the teacher showed up, and she loved what we were doing. so she instructed us to start all over. right about then a girl in class showed up late, just in time to hear me re-tell about my calling to stay home this semester and following where he leads. later i received a call from her about this opportunity. i felt like it was weird since it was for someone i have never met. that it wasn't a family that i felt super close to, and that it basically wasn't something that i had chosen. 

but the more time i thought about it, the more i thought about the opportunities that could arise from this. blessing a family i don't know yet. being a responsible nanny, when they can't find anyone to help them out. it's exactly the opportunity that i was longing for and i wasn't even trying to take it. 

so i made the call, and i'm meeting them tomorrow. 

i'm also mostly relieved because i was really concerned about losing time with Zoey and Ashley. I just love them so much, they are a part of me and my story. and I really want Ashley to be able to do whatever she wants, whether that's staying at home, or teaching, or subbing, or getting her master's. of course, selfishly i want to get to take care of the most precious and beautiful baby in the WORLD, so hearing that she might sub was like music to my ears, and the cherry on top of this potential plan. 

also, here's the OCD part of the story. and let this not go without praise. today while driving, for the first time, i was able to look at the people in the cars next to me at stoplights. 

it's a first, its a step, and i couldn't be happier. 

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