what to do when there's no job or responsibilities?

minus the common family drama, life as me has been sweet and slow. i've really gotten to savor in a lot of moments this past week. and savor sometimes means feel completely bored out of my brainholes, and sometimes means being really thankful for the moment i'm in.

i started my sewing projects this weekend. yes, i finally mastered how to thread the machine, trust me.... mastered doesn't even begin to describe my skill. after a few hours of whining, pin-poking, swear words (not on my part, and under their breath) and head banging i finally got the hang of it. by my second long stitch, i was sewing in a straight line. what can i say, i was made to craft. those who can't do, teach. those who can't teach.... craft. 

i've started my personalized greeting cards portfolio, and i really love working on them. they are so intricately designed and put together, just like the Maker creates each and every one of us. 

so now with two pillows under my belt( complete with zipper closure!!!!! WOAH?), as well as five new cards to the collection, i'm starting to think carpal tunnel might be calling me at an early age. 


  1. We will craft this week, oh yes, we will!!

  2. I love your pillow and cards!!!

    We should craft it up.

    <3 your brainholes