summer's simple pleasures.

i love watching kids eat. it's just so funny. brock is sitting on the love-seat right nows, scraping cookie dough off the pre-cut cookie dough packaging with his little fingers and smacking away with delight. 

we just finished swimming outside, it was brock's last day of school today and we wanted to celebrate so we let him choose lunch, and then he decided to swim outside so we could make use of his new basketball poolside thing. i schooled him in basketball. it was awesome. 

wall-e, that new pixar movie apparently has this little baby robot in it that is obsessed with cleaning and just goes around cleaning and looking for unknown substances. if i were a robot i would be him/her/it. 

my mom's car went into the shop. Just when i start to learn how to drive by myself again, my car becomes my mom's and i am vehicle-less. i have had to rely on everyone else for so long, that i was very excited to not have to rely on anyone now, but apparently my patience is still being tested. i hate waiting for people, and would much rather be on my own, but it's all a learning experience. 

Thursday I am cleaning out someone's ENTIRE house, as a surprise for their wife. i cannot tell you how excited i am about doing this. i get to put everything where i want to put it and clean things and throw trash away! maximize space, minimize clutter. what could be better? plus its a surprise, i love it! He is being very thoughtful of his precious wife.

i can't believe today marks the first day of summer, its unbelievable that my semester off has come to an end already. some parts when painstakingly slow and others seemed to zoom by. i'm amazed. i feel so blessed to have had this time. i think everyone should be rewarded with a little 'me' time. seriously. take time off. do things for yourself. go to therapy. dig into your inner thoughts and emotions, and be honest. it's wonderful. just don't get chlorine in your eye along the way because it stings like nobody's business. 

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