the misadventures of the misunderstood

i really hate the weekends. and i don't know why. that isn't normal. i mean what happened to everybody's workin' for the weekends? to me, weekends mean instability and absolutely no fixed plans. 

when thursday rolls around, i have to formulate in my mind something that i can do over the weekend, a project, make some plans with people, whatever it is. this weeks plan: building a desk. 

i may have deceived you into thinking that i meant from a pile of lumber, no no no. it was definitely out of a box, but full assembly was required. so i woke up this morning at 9 am and did it. i build a desk. which i am now sitting at overlooking my window and feeling very carrie bradshaw-esque. minus all the sex. 

speaking of that subject, my parents door is shut. i made the mistake of thinking that my sister was old enough to humorly mention to her. i was wrong, very wrong. 

on another note of the broad spectrum of things, i am now the proud owner of a sewing machine. as well as lots of fabric and ideas, however, threading the needle is a whole different story. 

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