i bought 15 yards of fabric today.

Friendship is such a blessing. seriously, sometimes i just don't even understand it. 

today, i went to therapy. i enlightened my doctor on all the things that i have been accomplishing. going into public by myself, and all that fun stuff. she was so happy and supportive. i was so glad. she reprieved one of my 'goals' that she assigned to me like three weeks ago that i have never done. mostly because i think it's stupid, but also because i just really don't ever have the opportunity. she wants to me sit in a parking lot while someone i am with is in a store for 10 minutes. the whole time i am there, i am supposed to record my voice of how i am feeling and all that stuff. then after the process, i am supposed to listen to the tape 10 times a day. 

yeah, um.... really? 

so i was really thankful that she has taken that out of the mix. 

after that i got to see my sweet kayla and help her activate her debit card and find some good clothes for an event she has coming up. i love helping her in even the simplest of ways. she is so precious, and every moment spent with her is always a blessing. when we got home, her AMAZING record player was waiting in a box. it is wonderful. kayla screamed and jumped up and down and we christened every record she owns on the new machine, while dancing around and loving it. 

i also got to visit with my old chum, brianna. oh how i miss her. i think for the first time in my life, i can say that i have gone without seeing one of my dearest friends for over a year. that's insane. i can't even believe it. when we saw each other i immediately said 'do i look any older? any new wrinkles you've never noticed before' and she just laughed. it was so sweet to spend time with her tonight and catch her up on this long journey. 

i also made an appearance at consumed tonight. it was a small group but a big message. we talked about our purpose. since the youth minister at the church i attend is getting ready to take on a new position at our church, he is spending his last few lessons praying over the students and really trying to make an impact. today, he read three chapters out of 1 corinithians and told us that this was the prayer he had for the youth. to live out their purpose, and glorify God in all they do. it was such a great message. i was almost crying because the words that he read off of a photocopied page of the Message were so inspiring. this is my favorite verse: 

"The lines of purpose of your life never grows slack, tightly tied as they are to your future in Heaven."

i wanna scream so hard my eyeballs pop out when i read that. the fact that there is purpose and meaning to my life given to me by the blood of Jesus? that's life shattering. the fact that I matter to God, that He cares about me? the scriptures later go on to say that you are crazy if you don't accept this perfect love. the message even says "You don't walk away from a gift like that!" These words are like candy to me, i cannot get enough.

i loved that he didn't just emphasize to the students that they really need to live up to their purpose in life, and really be avid missionaries. he wanted them to embrace the fact that no matter what, their lives matter. and we all know that between the ages of 13-17, that's sometimes a hard thing to grasp. being caught up in school, and sports, and family, and homework, and trying to figure out the whole rest of your life. it's a tricky time. 

i am so thankful that our church has a passion for the youth. 

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